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Betting in the Cricket World Cup

When betting, profiting from bonus offers and promotions from bookies is the best strategy for making money. The betting sites will surely be posting plenty of odds and offers for a sporting event of this magnitude, and no doubt they will be focusing on the event.

Be sure not to register with rogue websites. You can find out how we rate most betting sites in our section on cricket betting sites. More bets are being placed now that the event is getting closer. In most sportsbooks with cricket betting odds, you can place an outright bet on the tournament.

During the group stage, you can also wager on the top scorer and best-placed team. When the tournament starts, odds and market prices will surge.  

ICC Cricket World Cup betting tips

Future bet types cricket betting

The following things are important to consider when betting:

  • You shouldn’t put your money at risk
  • Your bankroll shouldn’t be wiped out by a single bet
  • Take advantage of bonus offers and prizes
  • Never drink alcohol or be under its influence
  • Losses have to be recovered immediately

 Future Bet Types

Besides the World Cup-winning side and the top batsmen and bowlers, there are future markets available for other teams and players. There are some futures markets, including:

  • Choose the finalists: When a candidate is doubtful, one can wager on who of the two finalists will win. In the odds-on estimate of +500, the most likely final is England versus India.
  • Finishing top or bottom: Essentially, it is a betting proposition on which teams finish first or last. When the top and bottom teams are backed simultaneously, the return will be higher.
  • Exact order of (1+2): The winner of the 45th match of the group stage is the two teams which are set to finish first and second. Those steps must be followed in order to receive your payout. A combination order of this price is expected to cost you around +750, with the first most likely option being India(first) and England (second).

Other Bet Types

ICC Cricket World Cup
  • Victory margin or handicap: Betting on a team’s runs or wickets can help predict its chances of winning. For an underdog team to come out on top, it must be at the handicapped team by a certain percentage. Suppose a wager on England to beat Sri Lanka is accepted with a handicap of -30 runs. If the bet is won by 31 or more runs, the return is 31 or more runs.
  • Betting Live: Markets for betting on matches ( which include those described above) are open throughout the match, and odds change on a regular basis depending on key flashpoints, such as an ineffective opening batting order that can cause a batting collapse.

As well as their desktop websites, any decent bookmaker has an app they allow you to use to place a wager. Some of these are one-click and can even be done from their mobile apps. Users can customize these apps to display news from their favorite teams, sports, or markets.

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