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Basic rules of cricket for new bettors

Cricket is a sport that doesn’t need any introduction. All over the world, there are millions of fans who adore this sport. Also, the number of candidates and the young people who want to be a cricketer is far more than any other sport. This sport is loved and liked worldwide, viewers never resist watching any cricket series whether it be the world cup.

Every country is performing very well in cricket and every country, you will see that all players play well from their extent. Cricket is no longer a sport, it has become a festival now. Mostly, in India, people worship this sport, and Indian cricketers, as well as famous cricketers, are idols for them. 

As you know every sport has some rules and players have to play according to it only. If any of the rules are broken then the player will get disqualified from the game.

Let’s know more about cricket rules in this article 

Rule of sixes

different cricket matches

Most of you must have hooted and whistled when in cricket any player hits six. But do you know when it can be said if it is six or not? You can say that a player has hit six only when the player hits the ball out of the boundary.

If any player hits six then that hit matters a lot to the total score of the team as well as to the player as well. 


In a cricket match, a batsman can be called out in many different ways like first is very easy and basic when the ball hits your wicket or when the ball is in any contact with the ball. The second is when the batsman hits the ball with his bat and any fielder catches it. Out or wicket is also something that matters a lot for the team. For the fielder team, it can be a good achievement but at the same time for the batting team, it can be a loss. 

Other general rules

rules of the cricket game also change

Other than these main rules there are more simple and basic rules in cricket like there are a total of 11 players in cricket. Before starting the match first there is arranged a toss between two teams. The team which wins then decides if they have to bat or ball. 

To make the run batsman has to run and till then fielder’s work is to get the ball and hit the wicket. If they do so then the batsman will get out. Also, batsmen play according to the over in one over there are 5 balls. In the world cup and general international matches, there are 50 overs. While in IPL and 20-20 there are 20 overs. 

There were few general rules of cricket other than this there are more such rules. According to different cricket matches, the rules of cricket also get changed. 

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