1XBet is legal in India

Can we say that 1xbet is legal in India?

1XBet was incipiently found in 2007 and has developed steadily with million users worldwide and the customers are dragged by an impressive variety of sports betting options on the website, which is specifically focused on cricket. The Cyprus-based firm 1XBet has an office in Latin America, Asia, and Europe and employs over 6000 staff members.


Sports betting options 1XBet

The first and foremost thing you observe when you visit their official website is plenty of choices on their homepage. Whether you are a casino gamer or machine or a sports bettor player, there is multiple choice that might interest and surprise you all together. This site offers a large number of betting options especially for cricket with over 1000 daily events and promotions. You can also find a range of tournaments and sports betting options that might not available on its contemporary betting sites. Its payment option is one the most secure and safest, that will store your information and stop it hacked by intruders. 

The interference of their official website is also user-friendly, which is quite different from other major betting sites. Nevertheless, once you enrolled and start playing around, it becomes much easier. The menu on the homepage comes with a side-scrolling list that illustrates the Main menu. Luckily, as this betting site is especially for cricket, you can access it by a single button on the main menu which is separated from other sportsmen. You can easily access top cricket matches and hundreds of markets to bet on.

Is 1X bet a scam?

There is always confusion among the players with unfamiliar betting sites that might not be 100% safe and secure. This confusion further widens with the bad reviews on the Internet. However, 1XBet is a highly established site that had many players adding every year. The betting site is also registered under Cypress and licensed by Curacao. They also hold a license in other countries and are regulated by respective bodies at the local level.

However, sometimes, some websites have fallen foul by some authorities due to in-advised advertising practices and failure to maintain local regulation with those markets. Like most of the betting sites, 1XBet uses SSL encryption to ensure player’s data and financial transactions to be safe and secure and cannot be accessed by a third party without prior permission. Therefore, from the above clarification, we can easily say that it is not a scam. 

Legalization in India

In India 1XBet site has more than thousands of players gambling

In India 1XBet site has more than thousands of players gambling each day and earning a huge amount. As gambling offline is illegal in India, there is no mentioning of online betting being illegal in India. Therefore, you can easily play bet on online websites via many betting sites. 1XBet is the most trusted, safe, and secure website. You can get a variety of sports, tournaments, and live to bet. Their withdrawal and depositing system is also very user-friendly. Their payment method is highly secure so that no data is leaked in the online market. 

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